Env3D Java 3D Engine

Env3D is an innovative 3D engine written in Java. With Env3D, it is fun and easy to create 3D video games while learning Java Programming.  Some of the unique features of Env3D are:

  • Tight integration with the BlueJ IDE - visualize 3D objects within minutes of learning Java.
  • Easy to use - users only need to import one class to create 3D video games. No need to deal with complicated data structures.
  • Powerful - While the interface is simple, the Env3D environment is highly customizable. Users can import 3D objects and animations using the obj format.
  • Proven to work - students prefer to learn programming with video games.
  • Easy applet creation - Using the BlueJ IDE, students can package up their projects into a web ready applet with a click of a button.