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Eclipse IDE Plugin

So far, its aparent that the identity of env3d is linked to bluej. BlueJ is an excellent learning development platform, but it lacks a lot of features that are industry standard. As far as I am aware, the two biggest development platforms are Eclipse and Netbeans. Netbeans is older, but Eclipse has surpassed it in popularity and support. 
Only recently I switched from BlueJ to netbeans and I very much appreciated how powerful it was. I decided that I would like to incorporate the feature of uploading directly to like is available through bluej, but having never programmed my own plugin before I didn't even know where to begin. 

Harnessing the Power of Drupal

When considering the structure of I consulted with JMadar and we agreed that the best solution was starting with a good piece of cms software. After doing some research it was clear that Drupal was the most powerful. There are certaintly easier CMS platforms to work with, Wordpress for example. However they do not offer the same support for community development or customization.
After working with Drupal for only a few months I am beginning to truely become comfortable with it and understand its inner workings. This in itself has opened up a new career path for me. With some experience in programming and design merely as a hobby, being able to master such a complex cms system and make it bend to my will would be an invaluable tool. This is my goal.
It is true that once comfortable with the software it is possible to build very complex website in a matter of days if not hours, and I have decided to go into business doing just that.

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