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Just got back from 6 weeks in New Zealand, one hell of a trip! I got stranded three times for more than 24 hours, the first time was due to torrential flooding from a cyclone in the northlands, caused the highways to become flooded by river swells 6 feet deep! The second time was in Cormandel town during ANOTHER cyclone that caused over 50 mudslides all over the peninsula and blocked almost every road in any direction, there was no way out of the town for almost 48 hours. The third time was in Christchurch (I was there for the earthquake) 4 hours after running from boulders the size of campervans chasing us down the mountain we  made our way back to our hostel to descover a rockslide had taken out part of the first floor, we recovered our things (on the second floor) but then the only road out of the suburb (called sumner) had become blocked, so we had to stay there for the night sleeping on the ground in a tent enduring dozens of aftershocks per hour and without any running water or electricity. One hell of a trip indeed.
But we are home now, and alive and healthy, very happy to be home.
Now comes the task of racing to catch up with all that I missed, today I >plug in< and program for 12 hours strait!
Look forward to seeing people tomorrow morning, I hope everyone is well.

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Welcome back Kenny. Sounds

Welcome back Kenny.
Sounds like you had quite an adventure!  Glad to hear that you are alright.
See you in class tomorrow.

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Welcome back.  That sounds

Welcome back.  That sounds like quite an adventure.  I'm glad you guys were all right.  Sounds like it will make for interesting stories down the road though.  I don't know many people who can say they've been through two cyclones and a major earthquake, let alone doing so in the course of 6 weeks on their honeymoon.