Blender Texture Question

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I'm trying to use blender to create model (.obj files) but am having a problem.
When I export the models as obj file and use it in env environment, somehow the texture is weird.
The texture either does not apply or only uses a single color from the texture image file.
(The code works for tux, fox, box-dude, etc so the code shouldn't be the problem)
(This is my first few attempts in using blender by the way >.<)
(Link to my obj file, since I cannot upload these type of files)

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When I look inside your

When I look inside your ball.obj file, I see that there are no entries for "vt", this means that the texture coordinates have not been exported properly.  There are 2 possibilities:

  1. The model is not textured inside blender.
  2. Something went wrong with the export.

You may need to take a look at your .blend file again.

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 Uploaded the proper blender

 Uploaded the proper blender file this time. Sorry ><