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I was wondering if the javadoc for the game engine is up to date

 since i rely to much in viewing the javadoc for learning on how

the classes are used.


I was learning from the tutorial in the lessons tab and i got confused in

how the Room exit for the game is created because when i viewed the javadoc

the game exit is done by public void setExit(String direction, Room room) but

the lesson from the tutorial uses public void setExits(Room room, Room room).





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You are looking at 2

You are looking at 2 different versions of the world of zuul game.  World of zuul version 1 is an example of a "bad" design, with the method signature

Room.setExits(Room west, Room east)

version 2 is an example of a "good" design, and has the signature

Room.setExit(String direction, Room exit)

Have a look at the exercise surrounding these two versions here:

Let me know if this helps.