A* AI Path Finding

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I am trying to learn on how the A* path finding works but i cant follow

the basic concept and algorithm. I tried to search in the net but all of

the web pages i opened is complicated and hard to understand.


sorry for asking to much again im just wondering if you have some lessons

and codes to share on how would i implement it in java and how the algorithm

works step by step.

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  Sorry but I don't have any


Sorry but I don't have any code for A* algorithm yet, but this is an interesting subject that I might just tackle in the next little while.


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i made A* for env3d



If anyone is still interested I have made a biderectionnal A* for env 3d. I would be glad to share it as soon as I make a few more adjustments. 

It works with diagonals and is really fast. You guys might need to make a tutorial for it though its quite a big piece of code.