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java.lang.illegalstateexception only one lwjgl context may be instantiated at any one time


I dont know how to fix the error i typed above. I updated my JRE and ATI drivers and it still doesnt solve the problem. The applet would run perfectly in my blueJ editor and i created the applet using the CreateEnv3dApplet that is added in the editor.

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Try restarting your browser

Try restarting your browser and visit the URL of your applet.  This may be due to you trying to run 2 instances of the applets at the same time.


On a more general note, Java applets have been getting a lot of bad reputation lately, with the US government telling everyone to disable them and all.  Env3D now has the ability to produce windows .EXE files as well as mac OS executables so you may want to look into that as a way to distribute your software.  Check out this post for more details:


The advantage of using native executables is that you don't have to worry about browser issues, which is really a pain.