Wav or Ogg

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Which is a better sound format for large games.

sound quality(Wave) or sound size(Ogg)

i used the wave format for the BGM and ogg for the soundeffects but my game would hang if it would stop a certain looping sound effect,

my game is kind of large wherein in every stages the BMG would change and the sound effects for the monster also changes. sometimes the sound would play just fine but sometimes it wont and it would make the game hang. i used both the combination of env.soundLoop() , env.soundStop and env.playSound() i used boolean values to make sure the BGM would only run once in a loop and to make sure the sound effects would not be called twice in a the loop or to be called repeatedly on a loop. so im guessing mayble sound file size matters after all and also what is the use of env.soundLoad() and the advantages of loading the sound into the memory.


thank you for always helping me,  my project is due today and i managed to pass and defend it on time though i encountered some bugs on my game but my prof allowed me to revised the part where the bug would occure and most of the bugs i encountered are from the loading of the sound effects and BGM or maybe i may need to re design my program flow.


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Congrats on defending your

Congrats on defending your project!  Looking forward to seeing a version of the project soon.

Would you be able to create a smaller test case where the music would cause the game to crash?  That would be really helpful in locating the bug.