Zombie Math Hunter Lesson import util.Sysutil;

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 I have done well with env3d so far, and have been studying java from a couple books as well. 

I want to say great work on the netbeans plugin. That is how I am using Env3D and it is working great. :)

When I copied the source for Zombie Math Hunter Project, it has this line at the top:

import util.Sysutil;  // on line 5

and it says package util does not exist. I have attempted a few googles, and thought I should simply ask how I could fix this so the file will run?


I am in Netbeans 7.3.1 - and I have the Env3DModule version 1.4.

     I have Game.java, Actor.java, GameObject.java, Hunter.java, LongHouse.java, MiniMath.java, Mountain.java, Shield.java, and Zombie.java from the zip file.


Any help you can give I would appreciate, but I do love the lessons and all the work that you've put into this excellent edition.  I have one other question too, what is the netbeans plugin (stable or the JavaMonkeyEngine version?)


Thanks for this excellent setup and learning tool.






One last thing - I found that the file names were incorrect on the Doty project. I have to change the .gif and .jpg to .png and everything worked great from there in that project.    This information for anything else stuck with the Not Found error :)

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