env3D with NetBeans without BlueJ

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 What is the way to import all env3D template and java files into NetBeans project without using stupid import plugin ?

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I should really write a

I should really write a tutorial on this, but here are the basic steps:

  1. Download the extract env3d_template.zip (You'll need it to access the libraries and game assets).
  2. Create a new "Java Application" from netbeans.
  3. Right click on the netbeans project and select "Properties".
  4. From inside the properties, choose "Libraries", then click on "Add JAR/Folder".
  5. Add all of the jars from the +libs folder inside the env3d_template directory.
  6. Select "Run" from the properties window.
  7. Under "working directory", select the env3d_template directory.

That's it, you can now write your env3d code inside netbeans and it should run without trouble.

Let me know if this works for you.

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 Thank you, I will try ...

 Thank you, I will try ... also found IntelliJ IDE is much better yet than NetBeans but have to figure out a way to add env3d project into it

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 Works awesome .... NetBeans

 Works awesome .... NetBeans ftw ... doesnt freeze at all (if creating own project and not open bluej one in netbeans) ....