Tux the Penguin - Fully Animated

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 Includes the following animations:

  • Walk (more like a waddle)
  • Throw (throws an object from right arm)
  • Dance (more like a wiggle)
  • Shake (side to side)
  • Jump
  • Falling/Flying (flaps arms)
  • Fall dead (falls from standing position to lying down)

I have also thrown in some texture files for various facial expressions and a pink tux texture for girly penguins. 
The original Tux model was created by durmieu of openGameArt.org. I personally just rigged and animated the various movements.
I have included the .blend file so you can make modifications or improvements if necessary.
Obviously these are free to use by anyone, I just ask that you include durmieu and I in the credits if possible (for small games and applications dont worry about it).

Tux_Animated.zip2.02 MB


animating the penguin

  So do I have to use java to animate this penguin?