HELP !!! How to make Sunlight / light bulbs ?

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I would like to implement lighting in my program. I have found a way to disperse light from the camera.


What I would like is a way to have a multiple nodes emmit light.


Basicly I want nodes that emmit light in a radius and amplitude that I can choose and have all sourrounding objects to react to that light.  If I am in a place with NO light I would like it to be dark. What is the best way of doing this without getting too fancy ?


I also thought about a day/night cycle.


Would it work to have a huge sphère emmiting light high above the map and have it rotate around my map with multiple skyboxes? Or is it better to have some kind of ambiant light everywhere that changes with time of day and have loads of skyboxes with a "sun" moving around from one skybox to another ? How do game designers usually do this ?   


Please help!!