Confirmation Questions

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-Could someone find the time to confirm my two questions here?

-If I use tuple clamping on variables as values on a Shape3D or IndexedGeometry,

when I do a Transform3D, will the Transform3D always take the clamping into

active consideration and operate within the enabling of those clamp restrictions during



-Precisely at what instant does a Transform3D get done?  Assuming use of .compile();,

 or the enabling of the appropriate Capability/ies, is this the


 TransformGroup.set(var Transform3d);




  -Just as a check, while it would take longer, is calling .compile();

being the step which runs the optimisation algorithm, be slower, versus

the alternative beginning to activate write Capabilities, versus .compile() -ing

and not bother to deal with capabilities at all?  Is .compile(); the slower way to sort

out capability enabling all for you?