Eclipse IDE Plugin

So far, its aparent that the identity of env3d is linked to bluej. BlueJ is an excellent learning development platform, but it lacks a lot of features that are industry standard. As far as I am aware, the two biggest development platforms are Eclipse and Netbeans. Netbeans is older, but Eclipse has surpassed it in popularity and support. 
Only recently I switched from BlueJ to netbeans and I very much appreciated how powerful it was. I decided that I would like to incorporate the feature of uploading directly to like is available through bluej, but having never programmed my own plugin before I didn't even know where to begin. 
After consulting with JMadar, together we came to the conclusion it made more sense to go with Eclipse because of its larger audience and the fact there is already an android development plugin working that env3d could hook into.
So be it, my goal for the summer is to write a working plugin that incorporates all of the env3d bluej plugin features in Eclipse, and hopefully a few extras. At the very least I hope that the plugin will offer support for creating a new env3d project, uploading directly to as either an applet or webstart, and deploying env3d projects as android apps.
I also hope to keep a record of my learning curve here on my env3d blog, so check back to keep up to date on my progress. 
Let the eclipse plugin development commence!


 I found Eclipse very

 I found Eclipse very confusing and couldnt get my 3D projects compile in it  .... NetBeans or IntelliJ have way more features and more stable it seems ... most popular doesn't mean it is the best ... example is World of Warcraft lolz :)

Same here

From what I've seen, there are things I like about both NetBeans and Eclipse.  While I'm more comfortable with Netbeans and find it simpler to use, the extensibility and Android support on Eclipse definitely sways me. 

I'm running into a snag though in getting the build path set up properly.  Eclipse keeps giving me errors when it gets to the point of using lwjgl.jar, although the other libraries seem to be loading fine.  Eclipse can't find the source code for it.  I'll keep working away at problem until I get it (hopefully).  

After I get it running I'd like to get Jython running on Eclipse as well.  I'm just doing that so I know how to quickly set it up in the future and can write about it - I'm not going to add support for Jython in our current project in order to keep it simple.
EDIT: Actually, after just a little more fiddling around I got it to run fine.  There were some system files missing when it ran (the same ones that were made available in NetBeans by making env3d_template the working folder) so lwjgl couldn't access those files.  I just copied them over to the directory for my eclipse project (the .dll, .so, .dylib, .jnilib, and env3dkey files).