Env3D challange - Bouncing doty

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 I am trying 2 months (yes I am not lying) to solve how the hell can I use if statements (loops not working) for solving how to make

that doty bounce, it is just impossible can anyone help me (not solve it) but give me a proper hint please?!

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 Hello Shady330,  Let's say

 Hello Shady330,

 Let's say you want to make it go up 5 times by 0.1, and after 5 times down by 0.1. The way I did it, is defining 2 variables. Both of them are initially set to zero. So, if first var. is less than 5, you go up, and increase the first variable(var1++). Once you finish going up, switch to else if statement, where it will go down, which you will control by increasing 2nd variable. Once you count it 5 times, change the first variable(so you can again move up, make it zero), and also set the second variable also to zero(so that when first if again counts up to 5, going down would work).   

Tell me if you could do it.