Making own skybox texture

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 Hello, I was curious if I could do my own skybox textures, when I looked into skybox folder in env3d, for each texture there were 6 images named bottom, top, south, east and etc. And they were in PNG format. So, I made 6 images, they were all 512x512 pixels, in PNG format, named in the same manner. I moved them all in a new folder which I have put inside Skybox. When I ran the program, it gave error. Then I tried to use GIF format, it was still giving error(different, but still related to these images). So, my question is what else should I do so that these images would work as skybox texture?

And one more question, I have heard about fractal texture generation( In env3d, is it possible to do something similar? in other words can I put background texture as object( maybe wrong expression :) ) instead of image? 

How is it done in modern computer games, for instance in skyrim? If I don't mistake in counter-strike games, images are used as skybox textures for background, but in skyrim I didn't notice anything like that, because there are effects due to night/day change and weather which make sky dynamic. Or do they change images depending on situation to make it more realistic? Or there is background skybox texture but it is not visible?

I got very confused about these topics, I would appreciate if you can clarify them.

And thanks for such a great website, tutorials are very good.