another "can't start env3d" problem

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Hi, I am also having trouble starting ENV3D for the first time.  I downloaded the template 3d environment for the DOTY lesson at . 

Extracted it and launched BlueJ, created the DOTY object and tried to start Env 3d via Tools > Env3d > Start Env3d, but nothing is happening. Opened the sample project 1.3.1 "basic" and ran that to see if it would load - the environment did load when i created the game object and ran the Play method, so it doesn't seem to be an issue of not meeting hardware requirements.

BlueJ recognizes Env3d as a valid extension under the "Installed Extensions" of the help menu.

Computer is brand new samsung w/ i7 processor, running 64 bit windows 7.  All drivers are up to date.  Looked through the other "can't start env3d" errors and this is not the same one.


//tl; dr: nothing happens when i hit the Start Env3d button, but Env3d is working.

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Also, nothing is showing up

Also, nothing is showing up in the debug file when I ran it.

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Which version of Env3d are

Which version of Env3d are you using? The newest one?

If so, try using this version of Env3d and see if you still have the same problem. Its based on the older version and people with similar problems have had success with it in the past.