Release of stable and development versions

As you probably know, Env3D uses JavaMonkeyEngine (jME) internally. By using a commercial quality 3d engine, env3d gains the ability to take advantage of the latest graphics technology available to Java. It also provides a path for env3d users to access jME features to create visually sophisticated software. The latest lessons on nifty gui and particle system are examples of how env3d can access internal jME features.

All these, of course, came with a price. The latest version of jME makes exclusive use of shaders technology, which means it may not run on older hardware. To make env3d available to as many people as possible, I have decided to maintain 2 versions of env3d:

1) A "stable" version which is compatible with more hardware, but does not have access to all the latest and greatest features (Part III of the lessons page).

2) A "development" version that have full access to all the features, but need better graphics hardware.

Both versions can be downloaded on the download page.