I'm back!

After working in industry for over a year, I am now back teaching. In my absence, some of my colleagues have used env3d in their courses with positive results. I'm glad and will continue to develop and support the software.

The code repository is now subversion and I have cleaned up the code a bit. The latest version will work on both mac and windows and the bluej extension will work with BlueJ version 2.5.2. In this new version, you no longer have to install the env3d extension for BlueJ, the extension will work on a per project basis.

The OSX 64bit conversion is a bit of a mess to deal with. It seems that BlueJ 2.5.2 on the Mac will default to use 64bit Java 1.6 and will not honor the Java Preferences setting.

I have also been experimenting with the Wii Remote and have integrated it into env3d, so students can interface with the Wii Remote controller directly.

Hopefully, I will have some time to do a new release soon, as well as revamp the website.