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 Hello folks,


I am looking into creating an Eclipse Plugin for Env3d. Thought I would start a discussion here about it and some of the features that should be incorporated.  Here are some of the features Jason said the plugin should have:


"One of the major feature of the plugin, besides setting up the class
paths, is generating applet and java webstart deployment files and
upload to 

Take a look at this document:  

You will see how this feature is used inside BlueJ.  The code for this
can be found here:


Starting around line 82."


-- Jason Madar




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That's very cool - looking

That's very cool - looking forward to having that for Eclipse.


My main request is, unfortunately, something I can't elaborate on too much since I'm not sure what it would require. It would be to allow for room to hook into Android eventually, but I'm not sure what that would encompass or if that would need to be an entirely separate plugin due to the complexity.


Also, welcome to the forums!

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dgourlay,   I am so glad you



I am so glad you are taking on this project. I had intended to write an eclipse plugin for Env3d myself but once getting involved I realized it was quite outside my skillset and I just haven't had the free time to put into the discovery required.

As david mentioned, I think we would all appreciate a hook into the android development plugin that currently exists for eclipse; ideally I invisioned a new selection available right above "run as" when right clicking on a project; called "Publish As".

Under this new selection a submenu would present:

Deploy as Env3d Applet

Deploy as Env3d Applet & Upload to env3d.org

OR (depending on code structure, same check currently used in bluej)


Deploy as Env3d Webstart

Deploy as Env3d Webstart & Upload to env3d.org

OR (depending on code structure, would require hook into android ide plugin)


Deploy as Android Application


As far as other "bells and whistles" down the road I had considered incorporating a feature where you could import pre-built environments directly from env3d.org. Something that would ask a php script to present an array of available files that have been uploaded to env3d.org.


Currently the website doesn't have support for this, but its something I plan to implement soon (in the coming months). Perhaps in time we could work together on this. I think it would be really cool if people could download and implement all resources on env3d.org directly in the eclipse environment. (Models, Sound Files, Classes and even Entire Environments)  

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RE: The Basics

 Thanks for all the feedback for feature ideas.  Starting with the basics, I have a few questions about how the plugin should work.

Right now I see that running "Start Env3D"  simply instantiates every object in the current project and adds it to a default created Env3d environment.  However if one wants more control over the env3d environment they instead have a class that instantiates EnvAdvanced (as well as includes a main method) and they now interact with this class.


Should I keep this behaviour? E.g. the plugin would opperate as follows:  

  • If you have not created an env object, go to plugin menu > click start Env3d.
  • If you have created an env object, it is assumed you have a Main class and you will run your application instead by using Eclipse's default Run methods.
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Hi Derek,   Thanks for

Hi Derek,


Thanks for working on the plugin for eclipse.  The "Start Env3D" option, to me, only make sense when used within BlueJ, since BueJ is the only IDE that allows arbitrary creation of objects. 


It would be certainly cool to come up with a use for "Start Env3D" option in other IDEs, so feel free to experiment!