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I have created my game in Env3D.


However, the windows is really too tiny.


Is it possible to make the game run in full screen (or in a resolution of my choice)?


Pls help, thank you!

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You should be able to

You should be able to use:




To enable fullscreen mode, however, the resolution will still be 640x480.  There is currently no easy way to change the resolution, but I can definitely look into it.



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 Hi jmadar!   Thanks for your

 Hi jmadar!


Thanks for your reply!


I have tried but received an error while doing so as my graphic card is unable to support full screen at 640x480.


Would appreciate if you are able to find out how to change the resolution.


I have tried calling the JME and lwjgl libraries but am unable to achieve so.

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Let me take a look at it and

Let me take a look at it and get back to you.

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If you download the latest

If you download the latest version of the development version of env3d, you'll find a new method:


env.setResolution(width, height, bits_per_pixel);


see if this works for you!


Here's the download link: