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Hey, this is David.  I'm in Comp 126 and am looking forward to this next semester.    I'm more than happy to answer questions and provide support to those who have questions.
I'm currently working on two projects in C# for XNA Game Studio.  C# is a Microsoft platform language (dot Net) which is very similar to Java.  XNA Game Studio is a Microsoft based framework that provides libraries for rendering, input, file management, etc; and it allows for submission to Xbox Live Indie Games.  I have one "beta"-stage game which I am trying to submit to Xbox Live Indie Games - I'm just in the process of fixing Xbox specific bugs.  My other project is an XNA platformer with a friend of mine, which I will work on in my spare time once my current project is finished. It's a little less ambitious than my other project, but I intend on working more on whatever comes my way this semester.  I would also love to contribute to this community website!
Also, thanks for putting this new site together Kenny!

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Hi, this is Jamie. I took

hi this is jamie

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 Hi, this is Oleg! I took

 Hi, this is Oleg! I took COMP 120/125 with Joseph Fall 9 years ago here at Capilano and now that I am back pursuing my career in Software Development, I took COMP 121 last semester and  now in COMP 126 ( the logical continuation). My programming experience comes from languages like QBasic, HTML, javaScript, PHP & C++. I have really keen interest in Games ( as well as Anime) and have been pro-active gamer since early days of Wolfenstein 3D.
I see Env3D as a great tool and visual development platform and is eager to contribute to community and promote it. Feel free to ask any questions ... 

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Hello from Derek

Hello my name is Derek Gourlay,

I took CPSC 121 / 126 with Jason Madar in Fall/2007 & Spring/2008.   During my time with Jason at Cap I had the pleasure of working with Env3d and created a few games including:

  • A starwars flight simulator using a Wiimote as a controller
  • A small RPG style game using Env3d as the engine, found at: sourceforge.net/projects/env3dgame/ (with help from a few fellow classmates as our CPSC 126 final project).

After leaving Capilano College (not yet a University at the time) I went on to complete my Bachelor's of Applied Science in UBC's Computer Engineering program.  A few of the fun projects I got to work upon there included:


  • Created an interactive video game utilizing physical strain gauges as user input
  • Developed a wheelchair mounted odometer/tachometer device with LCD display - implemented upon a FPGA using VHDL.
  • Engineered an autonomous vehicle capable of self-navigating an obstacle course
  • Implemented an extension to the OpenID protocol to build support for OpenID into web browsers in order to eliminate complicated web redirection scenarios.
  • Reverse engineered and conducted a security analysis of the i>clicker audience response system (video demonstration available at my personal website www.derekgourlay.com)

Having recently graduated from UBC I now find myself looking for employment!